Another Study Shows Connection Between Dental/Periodontal Disease and Coronary Heart Disease

This brief, interesting article reports on another study showing a strong connection between dental and periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease. When initial studies came out, some 20 years ago, linking these two seemingly very different diseases, there was a great deal of doubt. Medical science has now accepted the fact that inflammatory response caused by […]

New Study Reveals That Even Sugar-Free Drinks Can Cause Tooth Decay

This is a link to an interesting story about how even sugar-free beverages can promote tooth decay.  The key take-away from this is to be aware of how acidic your food and drink can be, and how acidic (low-pH) drinks can promote enamel loss, leading over time to decay.  These drinks include, among other things, […]

New Procedure Could Regrow Tooth Enamel

I just posted an interesting article on my official Facebook page about some dental research going on in the UK.  If this new procedure to regrow tooth enamel turns out to be true, it could revolutionize how we treat small cavities. Dental Cavity Procedure Regrows Tooth Enamel Facebook – We Love Healthy Smiles